Monday, February 6, 2023


Maktoob Media

‘Al Kufr Millatun Wahida’: Meet Meer Faisal, columnist with The Wire who believes ‘All non-Muslims are the same, that is Kaafir’

Meer Faisal is currently associated with Maktoob Media, which often acts as Islamist propaganda portal

How former Congress IT cell head’s ‘fan page’ ended up being Islamist propaganda page which is regularly promoted by the terror apologists

The OpIndia investigation has revealed that the Maktoob media's Facebook page may have been created by the supporters of the Congress party in 2017.

How paranoia over Bajrang Dal rally in Haryana’s ‘Mini Pakistan’ is an attempt by Islamists to shield culprits of anti-Hindu atrocities

Islamists have resorted to fear-mongering after Bajrang Dal organised a peaceful rally in Mewat against atrocities committed against Hindus

Islamist media fear mongers about a peaceful Bajrang Dal rally in Mewat, the ‘mini Pakistan’, carried out with due police permission

Islamist media outfit Maktoob Media, reported a host of videos about a Bajrang Dal rally in Mewat and fear mongered against Hindus

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