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Varavara Rao is to be produced before the Pune Court tomorrow. 
The police revealed that the Elgar Parishad was organised with "inspiration, money and directions" of Maoists
The husband-wife duo served the Naxals for more than 30 years, were members of the CPI (Maoists) Regional Committee.
The SC bench headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra gave the state police time till Saturday to submit the entire case diary
When asked about the term "Urban Naxals", Pahad Singh immediately says "Ye wahi hai" (It's them)
Once caught, he said, the encryption on the emails have to be breached, which is often a difficult task.
Pahad Singh also said that many such people come to these meetings and instigate the Adivasis
An optimistic part of me hopes that we recognise the toxicity of urban Naxalism irrespective of where our sociopolitical views stand.
Naxals had allegedly opposed Basanti marrying a man of another caste and were pressurising her to join their cadre.
This is the first in a series of articles that will explore the background of the organizations that form the 'civil society'.
As per reports, Varavara Rao had attended the funeral of Srinu alias Srikanth, a Maoist commander killed in Gadchiroli encounter in April.
Their goal is to make heroes out of Naxals and to normalize violence in the name of democratic rights.
Pune police do seem to have proof against these alleged 'urban Naxals'. 
The police officer made several letters and documents seized from the arrested people, public on Friday.   
Despite the accusations against Fai, Navlakha's faith in him remained steadfast.
Rahul Gandhi took to Twitter on Tuesday to register his comments about the detention of these five activists,
The presumption that the ‘educated man’ being above scrutiny gives way to snobbish attempts engineer consent
These 'intellectuals' use their power to shape narratives to bend the government to their will.
There is going to be dragon dance and Chinese flute
The Union Power Ministry is working out an action plan to electrify the Maoist affected areas of Chhattisgarh.

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