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Propaganda by media

Guardian article claims India was inspired by Jamal Khashoggi murder to kill terrorists in Pakistan, here is how this proves it is a work...

The Guardian article claims that R&AW was inspired to kill enemies abroad after the assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey

The Guardian publishes dubious report based on Pakistani ‘sources’, claims India is using Jihadis to kill terrorists: How it tried to demonise PM Modi...

The Indian voters are proud to see that the government elected by them is bullish on anti-terrorism, upholding the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the nation against external threats.

From Al Qaeda confidante to ISI asset: Exposing Mushfiqul Fazal Ansarey, the Bangladeshi ‘journalist’ meddling in India’s internal matters

Lately, Mushfiqul Fazal Ansarey has started poking into India’s domestic issues and has been repeatedly extracting answers from the State Department and the United Nations.

Guyanese President shuts up BBC ‘journalist’, schools him for lecturing on climate change

Shakur tried to guilt-trip the Guyanese President over the recently discovered oil reserves in the country and questioned his commitment to attaining carbon neutrality.

Who are the ‘journalists’ from The Guardian hounding Kajal Hindustani for an interview: Anti-Hindu tropes, whitewashing of love jihad and more

With the 2024 elections just around the corner, The Guardian and other propaganda news outlets have upped their ante in amplifying disinformation in India.

As CID files chargesheet against 3 Muslim girls in Udupi bathroom case, read how Zubair and left-liberals downplayed the heinous crime

Their entire propaganda fell like a house of cards when after widespread outrage, the Karnataka police grudgingly filed an FIR against the 3 Muslim women and the university administration

‘CAA will not take away citizenship of any Indian citizen irrespective of religion’: PIB fact-checks lies of Qatar-owned, Islamist propaganda outlet Al Jazeera

"Misinformation is being spread by Al Jazeera regarding the Citizenship Amendment Act, calling the act 'anti-Muslim'," PIB tweeted.

ABP journalist who was booked by Mamata govt for reporting on Sandeskhali now makes Hinduphobic ‘cow urine’ jibe at ex-Judge Abhijit Ganguly

Suman Dey did not have any qualms about making casual, Hinduphobic remarks. Instead, he was seen smirking about it during the interview.

Former NDTV anchor Priyanshi Sharma spreads fake news about India on The Wire ironically while complaining about fake news: Details

When OpIndia checked the 'source' of her claim, we found huge discrepancies in the assertions made by Priyanshi Sharma about India topping the list of countries in fake information.

Ravish Kumar whitewashes Islamist violence in Haldwani, suggests Opposition to milk it during election and dubs courts as ‘communal’

Ravish Kumar was seen scaremongering about the media, Judiciary and the State apparatus to deviate public discourse from the role of Muslim mobs in fomenting violence and chaos in Haldwani.

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