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Propaganda by media

A weekend story: Ravish Kumar, Whatsapp University and Jaipur Literature Festival

There was this time fairly recently when Ravish ji went on a short break. When he returned, I noticed that he had made a few changes to his studio for prime time.

The Atlantic fear mongers about ‘Hinduisation’ of India, suggests Muslims who stayed back after partition took a wrong decision

An article on The Atlantic claims that Hinduisation of India is nearly complete under the Narendra Modi government

Vivek Agnihotri reveals how The New York Times wrote an article against his movie without quoting him in full, releases screenshots of answers: Read

According to Vivek Agnihotri, the interview was taken on April 9, and the report was published first on April 29, which was rehashed a month later ahead of the movie's OTT release.

From Bhilwara to Ram Navami processions: 5 ways in which communal crimes against Hindus are whitewashed

The concerted effort to belittle the oppression of Hindus by extremists conspires in many ways. It starts off with denying the Hindu hatred responsible for fanning the attacks and ends up resting the onus of violence on Hindus themselves.

Photos that dishonoured COVID deaths, shamed India, by photographer who was murdered by Taliban, win Pulitzer

Danish Siddiqui was killed by the Taliban on July 16, 2021, during an assignment in the war-torn country of Afghanistan.

As Muslim family of wife kills Hindu man for marrying their daughter, NDTV editor says murder should not be given communal angle

NDTV editor Uma Sudhir says there is no communal angle in murder of Nagaraju for marrying a Muslim girl by her family

Leftist news portal NewsClick does a sob story on illegal Rohingya Muslims of Jammu, ends up flagging off a security concern

Bangladeshi PM Sheikh Hasina had in Nov 2019 conceded that Rohingya were a threat to security of the entire region.

NDTV broadcasts Telangana government’s paid propaganda as news, violates media ethics again

NDTV ran the Telangana government's paid advertorial as a news story without marking it as a paid advertorial

Scroll spreads fake news that ‘4 Dalit tanners were killed by upper-caste mob for skinning a dead cow in Gujarat’s Una’: Here’s the truth

Scroll distorts 2016 report from Gujarat to attack BJP by making false claims that upper caste Hindus had killed 4 Dalits

Half-truths, false claims and lies: Rana Ayyub’s speech and interview at the IJF in Italy are the same as her book and articles

While being fully aware that the predominantly Western audience knew nothing about the internal affairs of India, Rana Ayyub used the platform to peddle misinformation and false narratives.

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