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Mehr tarar

Sunanda Pushkar verdict completely exposes Shashi Tharoor and his affairs with a Pakistani journalist: Key takeaways from the judgement acquitting him

The Sunanda Pushkar verdict reveals how Shashi Tharoor had frequent fights with her over his extra marital affairs with Mehr Tarar

Pakistani journalist reporting on atrocities against Hindus and other minorities declared ‘imaginary person’ by Mehr Tarar and others

Some Pakistani Twitter users even went on to claim that the lady journalist was actually Shekhar Gupta.

Shashi Tharoor reportedly spent three nights in Dubai with a Pakistani journalist: Prosecutor in Sunanda Pushkar murder case

Two days before Sunanda Pushkar’s death, a series of tweets of alleged romantic conversation between Mehr Tarar and Shashi Tharoor surfaced on Tharoor’s Twitter account

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