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Sam Altman to return as CEO of OpenAI days after being sacked, new board members inducted

The OpenAI took to X to inform that they have reached an in-principle agreement with Altman for his return as the CEO.

‘Aap chronology samajhiye’: What exactly is going on with OpenAI, their Board, Sam Altman, Microsoft, Satya Nadella, etc? Drama explained

Read how in three days the whole Artificial Inteligence industry experienced a high voltage drama of office politics.

Satya Nadella confirms sacked OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is joining Microsoft 

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella confirmed that sacked OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and Greg Brockman will be joining their research team.

USA: Over 60,000 official emails of State Dept stolen by Chinese hackers, major Microsoft breach hounds Biden govt

Hackers linked to the Chinese govt stole 60,000 emails from the unclassified inboxes of 10 State Dept employees.

Women who applied for jobs at private office of Bill Gates were asked sexually explicit questions including porn habits, extramarital affairs: Report

Women interviewing for Bill Gates private office were asked about their porn habits and extramarital affairs.

Microsoft-owned LinkedIn, which helps people get jobs, carries out second round of layoffs, 700 employees lose their jobs

LinkedIn, the Microsoft-owned platform has decided to cut jobs since there has been a drop in demand.

Netflix loses almost a million subscribers in the second quarter, had estimated to loss 2 million

Streaming giant Netflix has partnered with Microsoft to launch a low-priced ad-supported subscription plan

Goodbye IE, welcome Edge: Here’s why Microsoft decided to retire the Internet Explorer, the Gen X browser

The beginning of Chrome and Firefox had already initiated the demise of IE. Realizing that IE could not compete with Chrome, Microsoft introduced Edge in 2015.

DuckDuckGo faces backlash for allowing Microsoft trackers on the browser: Here is what the CEO said to defend it

Duck Duck Go allows Microsoft's trackers on its browser under search syndication agreement, revealed researcher

Melinda Gates slams billionaire former husband Bill Gates for meeting sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein, says she met him once and ‘had nightmares’: Details

Melinda French Gates on Thursday criticized her ex-husband Bill Gates for meeting sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein

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