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Melinda Gates slams billionaire former husband Bill Gates for meeting sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein, says she met him once and ‘had nightmares’: Details

Melinda French Gates on Thursday criticized her ex-husband Bill Gates for meeting sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein

‘Operations carried out by Chinese hacker groups may be linked to China’s geopolitical objectives’: Microsoft issues statement after seizing 42 malicious sites

Microsoft disrupted the operations carried out by Chinese hacking group called Nickel by seizing 42 websites used by them

Yahoo pulls out of China citing ‘challenging’ environment, soon after new data protection law came into effect

Yahoo’s departure from coincides with the implementation of a new data privacy law that grants sweeping authority to officials to access personal information collected by tech firms.

Elon Musk’s Macrohard vs Microsoft tweet leaves Indians amused, here is what it could mean

It is still unclear why the eccentric businessman inadvertently sent Indians in a tizzy over Macrohard

Bill Gates had stepped down as director of Microsoft while his affair with an employee was being probed: Report

Bill Gates had in March 2020 announced that he was stepping down from the board to devote more time to serve humanity.

Bill Gates hired strippers, held naked parties during younger days, media only published what was fed by Microsoft: Biographer

Bill Gates was a womanizer and the media knew about it but never reported it, claimed journalist James Wallace

As Microsoft alleges its mail server were hacked by China-sponsored hackers, a brief look into various Chinese cyber-espionage groups

According to Microsoft, Chinese govt backed cyber-espionage group Hafnium was responsible for the attack on its mail server

Microsoft files a patent to bring back dead loved ones as ‘chatbots’ from their digital data

Microsoft has reportedly filed a patent that would allow it to built a chatbot mirroring human beings based on their digital data.

Buy TikTok within 45 days or I will ban it: Trump tells Microsoft

TikTok claims that the app has around 100 million users in the US. If Microsoft manages to acquire the app, it can expect to stand in the competition with social media giants like Facebook and Snap.

Uttar Pradesh: Tech giant Microsoft to set up technology hub in Greater Noida

In February 2020, Microsoft had announced its intentions to set up a tech hub in Uttar Pradesh.

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