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Mumbai Cyber police

Mumbai man loses 3.3 crores to cyber fraud after Ukrainian woman manipulates him for ‘business partnership’ citing war and loss

The Ukranian woman explained that her home country, Ukraine, was in chaos as a result of the ongoing war. Later, she stated she would provide him with a box containing $9.7 lakh in cash (roughly Rs 8 crore in Indian currency) to help him launch a new company in India in her name.

NYT’s claims on Mumbai grid failure: Chinese cyber attack theory was floated earlier too, but committee including IIT experts had denied. Details

Presence of dormant or inactive malware is not evidence of sabotage. Malware has to be activated to cause disruption in services.

E-commerce platform Myntra to change its logo after a woman lodges complaint calling it ‘insulting and offensive towards women’

Myntra ran into controversy after one woman lodged a complaint calling the company's logo 'insulting' towards woman

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