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Sonu Nigam attacked and abused after he stirs a debate on Azaan and religious noise pollution

Sonu Nigam's opinion on Azaan being played on loudspeakers has irked a few people

Muslim mob attacks police station demanding ‘blasphemer’ handed over to them

A 21-year-old man in Mumbai was arrested over a Facebook post, but mob wanted instant justice.

BMC elections: a micro-level analysis

A detailed look at the local elections

Two tier free speech : the magical hypocrisy of Javed Akhtar

Those who bullied a policewoman for writing a poem are crying for free speech now. What they really want is two tier free speech

Maharashtra Civic Elections Results: The writing on the wall

From the east coast now to the west, BJP is emerging from the shadows of local parties.

Media’s initial euphoria about Shiv Sena winning at expense of the BJP gets cut short

Many journalists prematurely praisied Shiv Sena as it looked like beating the BJP in the BMC polls in initial trends.

Shobhaa De body shames a cop with medical disorder, who didn’t let the disorder affect his duties

The cop employed with MP Police spoke up about how his obesity was linked to a medical disorder.

Victory vs growth – the dilemma BJP has to solve in the run up to 2019

What should BJP focus on? Growing in strength or winning every election?

This Mumbai doctor’s new year’s resolution it to consult elderly patients for free

Dr. Dheeraj Mulchandani has decided that he will not charge fees to patients aged over 70 years.

Thousands attend funerals of SIMI terrorists killed in police encounter

After some politicians and activists painted the terrorists as innocent civilians, this was expected.

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