Sunday, August 1, 2021



Buying vaccines internationally is not like buying ‘off the shelf’ items, Govt talking with foreign vaccine makers: GOI clears vaccine myths

In spite of full knowledge of the facts on vaccine supply, some leaders appear on TV daily and create panic among the people, said GOI

The recurring myth of breast tax doesn’t seem to die down, this time propagated by ‘Scroll’

sensationalised, vulgar hype to elicit strong response

Myths about Triple Talaq Bill busted

Some people have found ways to oppose even this bill

Truth about extra paperwork and manhours breaking the back of businesses post GST

Don't fall for rumour mongering or scaremongering about GST. Here is debunking one myth.

Myths which Modi and Shah duo shattered during the UP election

The election is over now. The craziness will halt at least for some time. It is a good time for political analysts to take a break and then retrospect.

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