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Jas Oberoi, a columnist with Newslaundry tweeted that Uttar Pradesh police was openly distributing food packets with NaMo and BJP written on them in Noida
The usual suspects are back with mischievous propaganda against Ayushman Bharat.
Who you think was being ‘served’ at this Media rumble: the establishment or the people?
Not the first time Newslaundry columnist and journalists have been caught on the wrong foot.
Any regulation that can just as easily morph into a tool of censorship must be opposed
O Sullivan's law states 'All organizations that are not actually right-wing will over time become left-wing'
Why let facts get in the way of an agenda?
Murthy is also an investor in self proclaimed 'media watchdog' Newslaundry
Its time people appeal to NewsLaundry to "keep news real"
There seems to be ample evidence that he may have wronged women
Rather than apologising, the Newslaundry columnist decided to stoop even lower.
To arrive at a more dependable picture of reality, we must recognize these common filters
A detailed factual rebuttal to a motivated piece
A fact-checking site gets its basic facts wrong.
There have been 23 media lies in October 2015

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