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Newslaundry misinterprets Economic Advisory Council data on Muslim population growth, falsely claims that a different method was used for Hindus

Economic Advisory Council data on population growth used same method for Hindus and Muslims, but Newslaundry wrongly claims that different methods were used

Ex-Newslaundry ‘journalist’ misleads about requirement of proposers for filing nomination, claims PM Modi gets special treatment from EC

Meghnad suggested that the Election Commission had deliberately made it difficult for rival candidates to contest against Narendra Modi from the Varanasi Lok Sabha constituency.

Income Tax Dept issues 5 new notices to propaganda outlet Newslaundry, CEO Abhinandan Sekhri claims total count reached 55

Abhinandan Sekhri alleged that the IT Department sends notices to Newslaundry like sweets distributed on the occasion of Holi (Holi ki mithai).

Newslaundry paints Islamists as ‘victims’ to justify violence in Haldwani, accuses police and Uttarakhand govt of ‘provoking’ Muslim mobs

'Journalists' associated with the leftist propaganda outlet joined hands first to deny and then contextualise the Islamist violence against police personnel.

Newslaundry whitewashes Mira Road violence against Hindus, cries ‘majoritarianism’ while painting Islamists as victims and harbingers of reconciliation

The guilt-tripping did not end with painting Muslims as victims and Hindus as aggressors. 'Journalist' Manisha Pande went a step ahead and put the onus of 'inclusive behaviour' exclusively on the Hindu community.

‘Unclear whether money is black or white’: Newslaundry comes in support of Congress MP Dhiraj Sahu after cash haul of over Rs 351 crores

In an episode of Tippani, Newslaundry's Atul Chaurasia came out in support of Mahua Moitra and Dhiraj Sahu.

Omidyar decides to shut shop in India after ‘achieving the goal of catalysing impact’: But here’s why its story might not be over

In its initial years in India, Omidyar Network backed around 25 organisations that deal with news and government transparency.

Newslaundry mocks people killed in West Bengal Panchayat poll violence, invents theory that the murders happened due to ‘personal enmity’

Newslaundry's Abhinandan Sekhri gave theory that people wait for elections in states like West Bengal to take revenge over personal annuity

Newslaundry compares Gandhi’s ‘experiments with celibacy’, where he slept naked with girls, to PM Modi’s marital status in a video targeting Prof Anand Ranganathan

Newslaundry compared MK Gandhi celibacy experiments and PM Modi's married life, a new low, to target Prof Anand Ranganathan

Newslaundry gets a ‘poop’ emoji from Twitter for inquiring about restrictions on some ‘journalist’ accounts in India: Details

A Newslaundry journalist received poop emoji in response to an email to Twitter enquiring about restrictions imposed on some 'journalist' accounts.

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