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North India

South India got investments, North Indian states lagged behind because of Congress govt’s Freight Equalisation Policy: Rajeev Chandrasekhar

"It is also necessary for the people of India today, especially in North India, to know why it is that North India has lagged behind South India in development," Chandrasekhar said while talking ANI.

The Hindu and how it is creating the North-South Divide: Repeatedly lying about devolution of funds and cheating their readers with misinformation

The Hindu published an article on 5th October 2023, with a very combative headline – “Retribution for the South, accolade for the North”. I think you got the gist just by looking at the headline

Why do roads cave in? The reasons behind those scary-looking big holes on city roads that swallow cars

There are two broad reasons for road cave-ins, the lower structure becomes weak, or soil losses strength due to erosion or saturation.

Divisive, fallacious argument by KTR: Breaking down the 321-slide presentation debunking lies about South’s tax devolution and central govt’s infra spend

One of the narratives around the South-North divide is that the South states contribute more money to the central government and are therefore much more superior than the Northern states.

Severe cold expected in North India next week, minimum temperature likely to drop to minus 4 in some regions

Punjab, Haryana, New Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Norther Madhya Pradesh will be in the grip of a severe cold wave over the week, with the minimum temperature hovering between 0 and 4 degrees Celsius. 

Real Bharat Jodo Yatra: As Rahul Gandhi pits states against one another, PM Modi pitches for North-South unity at Kashi Tamil Sangamam

PM Modi has sought to bridge cultural differences by pitching for North-South unity at Kashi Tamil Sangamam.

Locusts attack crops in North Indian states, governments issue alert

The swarms of locust, which entered the country from Pakistan have now become a headache to farmers as the pests are spreading like wildfire in states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh.

Congress’ new excuse for predicted loss: North Indian voters are not as educated as South Indians

Congress spokesperson Shama Mohammad stated that the reason of Congress' bad performance in North Indian states is that the people in North Indian states are 'pliable' and they are not educated like the people in the south.

Teachers in St. Stephen’s college oppose Church’s intrusion into admission process, get warned

Member of Church of North India (CNI), bishop Warris K Masih brazened out the decision saying the college belongs to them and the teachers have no locus standi in the matter.

CNN-News18 Senior Editor fans North-South divide, calls North India a ‘shithole’

The shameless fanning of North-South divide just goes to show the deep-rooted intolerance in the Media community.

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