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How Modi Hacks EVMs, Part 8: Seminal 10 years with epochal events and decisions – from Ram Mandir to G20, Women’s Reservation Bill, NEP...

10 years of the tenure of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been full of epochal decisions and events

How Modi hacks EVMs, part 7: Going from Congress’ 35% neem-coated Urea to 100%, eliminating pilferage, to soil health cards and more. How Farmers...

When Prime Minister Modi announced that his government aims to double the farmer’s income by the year 2022, many mocked him.

How Modi Hacks EVMs, Part 6: From law-making to peace-making, how Modi has ensured India is a safer place

From law-making to ensuring great peace, the Narendra Modi government has certainly made India a safer place

How Modi Hacks EVMs, Part 5: Focus on financial systems, along with Big Bang Reforms and simultaneous benefits to middle-class, economically weaker sections

After 10 years of misrule, Prime Minister Narendra Modi ensured financial growth while taking along all sections ahead

Decoding how PM Modi hacks EVMs, Part 4: How his govt improved lives of women – rural and urban – at home, school and...

PM Modi is hacking EVMs to win - and one of the ways he does so is by making the lives of women better - at work, home and school

Shameless whitewashing of Sheikh Shahjahan and the plight of Sandeshkhali women by The Hindu: How they chose to protect Mamata Banerjee

On February 24th, The Hindu decided to finally honor us with their version of the horrors of Sandeshkhali, in West Bengal. 

How Modi Hacks EVMs, Part 3: From exceeding target and destroying 1,60,000 kgs of drugs in 60 days to AYUSH, COVID vaccines and more

In the run-up to the celebrations of the 75th year of Independence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi set a unique target for the Home Ministry – destroy 75,000 kgs of drugs in 60 days! As with many aspects of this government, the ministry exceeded this target and burnt 1,60,000 kgs of drugs in that 60-day window! 

Murder, betrayal, religion, and politics – The real shady palace intrigue of Andhra Pradesh’s YSR family that will put any fictional series to shame!

The lesser-known aspect, outside of the state, is the amazing palace intrigue of the YSR family that will put any TV series to shame

How the Modi government corrected and strategically implemented Sonia’s shoddily drafted Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act of 2014

The Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014 has not only resulted in the splitting of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh into two states - Telangana and Andhra Pradesh - but has also been the cause of two historical events in the country’s polity. 

‘The Hindu’ talks about “many lows” of 17th Lok Sabha, here is why the 17th Lok Sabha was only about many highs, not lows

For even non-serious students of policy, law, politics and legislation, it is as evident as daylight that the 17th Lok Sabha is the most historic Lok Sabha

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