Wednesday, May 22, 2024



Days before Ram Navami and other Hindu festivals, Rajasthan govt bans religious flags on public properties

Installation of religious flags on public places will be prohibited in many districts of Rajasthan till 7th May 2022.

International Court of Justice orders Russia to immediately suspend invasion of Ukraine, order passed by 13-2 votes

ICJ ordered Russia to suspend invasion of Ukraine by 13-2 votes, judges from Russia and China were against the order

Congress leader Ajay Maken calls the Supreme Court order directing removal of slums in Delhi as inhuman, files petition

Ajay Maken movese Supreme Court challenging the court's order of removing 48,000 slum clusters along railway tracks in Delhi

Aam Aadmi Party spreads maliciously edited video to defame security forces who were attacked by a mob

AAP posted a video showing security forces attacking people, while hiding that the mob had attacked police first with stones and sticks

Jio and others ban porn websites after court order, but websites find a loophole

This move comes after the Uttarakhand High Court had in September asked the centre to cancel the licenses of websites that offer obscene content

Today is indeed a historic day in the long fight for the rights of the LGBT community

While the nation awaits the court's judgement, it is safe to say that this will go down as a truly historic day in the Indian society.

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