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Organ theft

3 hearts, 3 kidneys, hands, spine and tongue: Nigerian police arrest Islamic cleric for collecting human body parts for ‘rituals’

The Nigerian police have now launched a manhunt to nab another cleric, who supplied the human body parts and 3 skulls to the Islamic cleric.

Chinese surgeons removed hearts of patients while they were still alive under government orders, shows study

Chinese surgeons, working at state-run civilian and military hospitals, have been cutting out prisoners’ hearts while they’re still alive, reveals study

Kerala: Gory tale of rape, organ mafia and social media fundraiser emerges from Wayanad, read details

Three Wayanad men rape a woman after promising her money in lieu of her kidney, they also wanted to make video of her to 'raise fund' through social media campaign

Pakistan Army forcefully ‘harvesting organs’ from ethnic minorities in Balochistan: Report

The report claims that the army covers the bodies such that the stitch marks are not visible to the family. Interestingly, the army also does not allow post-mortem to be conducted on such dead bodies.

Tamil Nadu Christian NGO accused of harvesting bones and organs of the elderly

Mainstream media reports tried to hide the religious nature of the NGO

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