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DoT orders telecom operators to discontinue USSD-based call forwarding and switch to alternate method from 15 April

The Department of Telecom has asked telecom operators to deactivate USSD-based call forwarding with effect from April 15, and provide the service using alternative methods

Listen to BJP leader Tajinder Bagga say ‘polis aa gayi polis’ for 2 minutes straight as Canadian Khalistani continues to abuse and threaten him

As early as 2017, Tajinder Bagga had been vocal in his criticism of Khalistanis and terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.

All landline phones to be given STD facility as govt mandates adding 0 before mobile phone numbers while dialling from landline phones

To ensure that he transition to the new system is smooth, all the landline subscribers will get the STD dialling facility

PM Modi speaks to President Trump, this is how people on Twitter reacted

Modi spoke to Trump last night and this is what you need to know, for some fun.

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