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Actor Rudranil Ghosh pens hard-hitting poem on the SSC recruitment scam saga under Mamata Banerjee’s rule

At a time, when Mamata Banerjee wants journalists and the film industry to crawl, Rudranil Ghosh is standing up to the regime, one poem at a time.

Lost but not defeated: Bengali actor Rudranil Ghosh is taking on the Mamata regime, one poem at a time

"If you open your mouth, then, they will snatch away your job. This is why everyone is silent and there is no cry of protest," Rudranil Ghosh lamented.

Poet slams Priyanka Gandhi Vadra for unauthorised use of his poem, asks what expectations people can have from someone who even steals poetry

Uttar Pradesh based poet Pushyamitra Upadhyay has taken strong objection to Priyanka Gandhi Vadra misusing his poem in politics

IIT Kanpur student who had chanted controversial poem ‘Bas Naam Rahega Allah Ka’ during anti-CAA protests expresses remorse for ‘hurting sentiments’

The 3rd year IIT Kanpur student had recited controversial anti-Hindu poem Hum Dekhenge by Faiz Ahmed Faiz which calls to "destroy all idols"

Read why the viral Priya Varrier song is allegedly ‘hurting sentiments of muslims’

A complaint has been filed bu the cops have not yet filed an FIR

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