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Press Freedom

Press freedom goes for a toss in Trudeau’s Canada, journalist arrested for asking tough questions to Deputy PM

Menzies is the Mission Specialist at Rebel News, a Canada-based independent news outfit that has been hounded several times by the Justin Trudeau-led-Liberal Party government.

Video of BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri slamming the opposition alliance with ‘hard-hitting’ facts in Lok Sabha goes viral, here is what he said

Taking a jibe at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, Bidhuri noted that Rahul Gandhi’s great-grandfather Jawaharlal Nehru curtailed press freedom and jailed anyone who dared to criticise the Nehru government.

How Justin Trudeau hounded a small, independent news platform even as he waxes eloquent about freedom of speech and expression

In April 2022, the Canadian government denied 'journalism licence' to Rebel News, claiming that only 1% of its content is news.

Fact Check: Did Telegraph put out a Simpsons cartoon, showing ass to TMC govt, to protest the arrest of its journalist

Opindia cross-verified The Telegraph e-papers for September 11-12 but found no such message or cartoon from the Editor of the newspaper.

Hypocrisy defined: White House censors black journalist, who has been alleging discrimination, right after it condemned India’s criticism of Sabrina Siddique

Today News Africa's White House correspondent Simon Ateba accused the White House of discrimination against him as he is black

‘Depends on who gives the ranking’: SG Mehta counters Justice KM Joseph on press freedom ranking remarks

SG Tushar Mehta disputed the press freedom rankings after Justice KM Joseph cited it during Bilkis Bano case hearing.

‘India has the most uncontrollable press, but Afghanistan ranked above us’: S Jaishankar on India’s low press freedom index, calls it a mind game

"I was amazed at our number. I thought we had the most uncontrollable press, and somebody is getting something fundamentally wrong," S Jaishankar said

‘Liberals’ attack Mumbai Press club for supporting journalist humiliated by Rahul Gandhi

The Mumbai Press Club also sought an apology from Rahul Gandhi and asked him to uphold freedom of speech and expression.

53% of journalists lost jobs, over 50% of media houses shut down in Afghanistan after the takeover by Taliban, hailed for organising a press...

Several journalists in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan have raised concerns about their deteriorating economic condition and lack of access to information.

‘We don’t need to learn the grammar of democracy from agenda-driven media’; Here is what Minister Anurag Thakur said about anti-India op-ed in NYT

Anurag Thakur tweeted, "New York Times had long back dropped all pretensions of neutrality while publishing anything about India."

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