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Quit India Movement

After Congress ecosystem cried that OTT platforms were bowing to Hindutva, Jairam Ramesh promotes Amazon Prime movie glorifying Congress

Interestingly, a few months ago, the Congress ecosystem was claiming that OTT platforms in India as Netflix and Amazon Prime has fallen prey to 'Hindutva politics.

How Ambedkar, Communists, Periyar, and Muslim League opposed the Quit India movement and Gandhi

Periyar and Dr BR Ambedkar, whose ideology aligned with the Congress, were deeply critical of Gandhi.

Arvind Kejriwal launches Delhi’s ‘freedom struggle’ for full statehood, starts ‘LG quit Delhi’ campaign

Kejriwal said in Delhi, the Lieutenant Governor was appointed in place of British viceroys

Here are the 5 most popular lies that leftists peddle against Veer Savarkar

The hacks and compromised academicians would take recourse to five issues to revile the man

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