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Liberals selectively quote Swami Vivekananda to “secularise” the Hindu icon, but here’s how he continues to inspire a billion youth

Liberals cited a quote by Swami Vivekananda to claim that the Hindu icon had asked youth to chose football over Bhagavad Gita

Some of Manohar Parrikar’s statements that endeared him to an entire nation of over a billion

Manohar Parrikar was an epitome of integrity, honesty, nationalism and courage. Even in the face of imminent demise, he continued to serve the country with utmost dedication. 

On Swami Vivekananda’s death anniversary, here are 5 quotes which are extremely relevant today

Today is the death anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, a day of despair but also a day for us to introspect.

Untruths about Mahatma Gandhi floating on social media

Unverified "factoids" about Mahatma Gandhi plague the internet

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