Thursday, May 30, 2024


raj babbar

A day after PM Modi attacked Congress, Raj Babbar defends his statement calling Maoists as ‘Revolutionaries’

Babbar had, during a poll campaign in Chattisgarh, compared Naxals with revolutionaries

Amit Shah slams Congress on Raj Babbar’s ‘revolution’ remark, asks to clear its stand on Maoist terrorism

Congress Party's Raj Babbar had earlier called 'Naxalism' a 'Revolution'

Uttar Pradesh Congress chief Raj Babbar calls Naxals ‘revolutionaries fighting for their rights’

The actor-turned-politician said that the government should address their questions as they are fighting for their rights.

Vivek Tiwari murder: Congress and Left ‘activists’ give it a political spin

Kalpana Tiwari had expressed her faith in the government and the judiciary.

Shiv Bhakt Rahul expels partymen for chanting Har Har Mahadev, BJP lashes out

Congress claims that the three expelled leaders had disregarded party discipline.

Raj Babbar holding a ‘blank’ placard during Rafale protests outside Parliament has Twitter users in splits

Ringing in the weekend with the unintentionally hilarious Raj Babbar. Cheers.

Question paper for Congress media spokesperson and talent hunt ‘exam’ gets leaked

Seems this decision to revamp the party has not gone down well with the old members

Congress leader sacked for sarcastically using ‘Pappu’ to defend Rahul Gandhi

The word 'Pappu' is now blasphemous for Congress. Regardless of the context, the party won't tolerate it.

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