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‘Harappan civilisation is 7000 to 8000 years old’: Scientists studying DNA samples from Rakhigarhi site find

The ASI and Deccan College Pune have worked together over the past two years to complete the third phase of excavations at Rakhigarhi, led by ASI joint director Sanjay Kumar Manjul and Deccan College Pune assistant professor Prabhodh Shirwalkar.

Culture Ministry’s mega plan: Rs 27,000 crores for development of ASI monuments, museums, historical sites including Hampi and Rakhigarhi

The ministry is reportedly exploring technological options for 'authentic reconstruction' of archaeological sites including Indus Valley sites such as Dholavira and Rakhigarhi.

No ‘Aryan Gene’ in Rakhigarhi skeletons, Indus Valley population largest source of ancestry for South Asians: Study

The study involved the inspection of DNA samples of the skeletons found in Rakhigarhi, an Indus Valley Civilisation (IVC) site in Haryana.

In a first, Archaeologists discovered a couple grave in a Harappan cemetery

This is the first anthropologically confirmed case of coupled burial from a Harappan cemetery

Study of Rakhigarhi remains finds no Central Asian trace, lands another blow to Aryan Invasion Theory

The study says the no foreign DNA was found, suggests Vedic civilisation was propagated by Indigenous people, not foreign invaders

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