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Leftists wanted ‘Young Thinkers Conclave’ at NLIU Bhopal cancelled: Why they wanted Neeraj Atri de-platformed and how TheWire came to their rescue

The ‘Young Thinkers’ Conclave’ featured Rashmi Samant, Swati Goel Sharma, Neeraj Atri and several other young, nationalist speakers.

Rashmi Samant launches new book, Islamists, leftists, Congress and Pakistanis join hands to deny Hinduphobia at Oxford University. Here is what happened

Rashmi Samant said, "No amount of bullying in the past could stop me from speaking out against the bullies and faculty who openly challenged my "practicing Hindu" identity. They can't now."

Bengal, Bihar, Tamil Nadu and now Karnataka: How non-BJP governments misuse state machinery to silence dissenting voices

The hounding of Rashmi Samant is yet another manifestation of how opposition-ruled states use police power to suppress critical voices.

Hindu rights activist Rashmi Samant faces police action for tweeting about Udupi bathroom videos issue after Alt News’ Zubair dogwhistles against her

Rashmi Samat's advocate said Udupi police visited her house after she tweeted about the shocking case where Muslim girls secretly recorded Hindu girl's videos in a washroom in nursing college.

Oxford Hinduphobia row: Rashmi Samant vindicated as internal investigation confirms how she was vilified, harassed and forced to resign

Months after first female Indian President-elect of Oxford University Student’s Union, Rashmi Samant, was forced to resign, an internal investigation by the university has vindicated her

Oxford racism row: Hindu students in British universities launch campaign demanding action against Hinduphobic professor Abhijit Sarkar

Sarkar had led the online hate campaign against Karnataka student Rashmi Samant, attacking her and her family over their Hindu faith.

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