Tuesday, April 16, 2024


Red cross

Israel resumes water supply to Gaza but electricity supply remains suspended, Red Cross demands Hamas grant immediate access to Israeli hostages

A senior Israeli official confirmed that Israel has resumed water supply to the Gaza Strip after stopping it briefly following the Hamas terrorist attack

SC collegium recommends homosexual son of former Justice for elevation as judge to Delhi HC, has foreign national as partner

The govt had protested the elevation of Saurabh Kirpal as Delhi High Court Judge citing a conflict of interest because his partner is a foreign national

Hospitals in rural and tribal areas to be handed over to Red Cross: Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh Tope

Citizens said that handing over hospitals to foreign groups like Red Cross could be suicidal as India is plagued with Naxals & Maoists

Islamic cleric from Kerala declares the Red cross symbol as un-Islamic: TOI

He has also called the Rod of Asclepius symbol un-Islamic

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