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religious persecution

Siege of Bangladesh’s ancient Kantajew Temple, built by Maharaja Pran Nath: How Illegal construction of mosque on the Temple land has only been paused,...

The historic Kantajew Temple has been a pilgrimage site for hundreds and thousands of Hindus from Bangladesh and abroad.  

Bangladesh: Islamists lay foundation of mosque on the land of historic Kantajew temple, had previously tried to encroach upon Chrandranath Mandir

According to temple committee officials, the local Muslims have prepared fake documents from the office of the District Commissioner to stake a claim on the Hindu land.

Bangladesh: Mob led by Sohail attacks Hindu man for keeping his shop open during Ramazan, victim injured with sharp weapon

From the start of Ramzan, Rajiv Kumar Dey was asked to pay chada (money) by Sohail Hassan and his men but he refused to give in to their demands.

The battle for Chandranath: How Hindus of Bangladesh are trying to save their Shaktipeeth from Islamists

The matter reached a crescendo in December 2023 when an Islamist named Raihan Riad organised a 'Beef Barbecue party' at the Hindu pilgrimage destination.

Bangladesh: Hindu priest murdered in Gopalganj, temple looted but no arrests so far

A preliminary investigation into the matter suggested that Hashilata Biswas was killed during the theft.

Bangladesh: Luftar and Mahmud forcibly occupy ancestral land of Hindu family, build boundary wall flouting court and local arbitration

Lutfar Khan and Mahmud Khan bypassed the court proceedings and began constructing a boundary wall on the Hindi family's land on Sunday (16th February).

Exclusive: Bangladeshi university denies temple space to Hindu students for 11 years, tries to demolish foundation stone of temporary Hindu Mandir

There are 3 mosques on the campus of Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University but not a single Hindu Mandir.

Attacked with sharp weapons, houses destroyed, shops looted: Hindus flee their homes as atrocities on minorities continue after Bangladesh elections

On Saturday (20th January), the Bangladesh Puja Udjapan Parishad formed a human chain in front of the National Press Club in Dhaka, demanding a complete cessation of the post-poll communal attacks against the Hindu community in Bangladesh.

Riots, gang rapes, razing of temples and more: How Islamists wreaked havoc on Hindus of Bangladesh during the Ram Janmabhoomi movement

An estimated 2400 Hindu women were gang raped, and 3500 temples were destroyed by frenzied Muslim mobs in Bangladesh. An estimated 700 Hindus were killed in the carnage.

Bangladesh: Masked man sets 150-year-old Buddhist monastery on fire, ruling Hasina govt accuses Opposition BNP of orchestrating the attack

The fire that broke out at the 150-year-old monastery completely gutted the stairs. It must be mentioned that the holy shrine is sacred to the Rakhine community of Cheranghata.

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