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religious persecution

Tamil Nadu: Police arrest Iman for leaking nude images of Hindu woman for not converting to Islam, had forced her to wear Hijab, abused...

21-year-old man named Iman Hameef was arrested for forcibly trying to convert a Dalit Hindu woman to Islam and posting her intimate pictures on social media.

Religious violence by mobs is more in Pakistan than any other country: Reports

The New York Times has reported that religious violence like lynching over offenses to Islam are not new in Pakistan.

Malaysia: How a Hindu mother fought for custody of her minor children, who were converted to Islam ‘unilaterally’

The conversion was 'unilateral' as the children were minors and the consent of Loh Siew Hong was not sought.

‘They attacked us because we wanted to build a temple’: 5 brothers of a Hindu family killed in Bangladesh in ‘pre-meditated’ road accident, 3...

5 brothers of a Hindu family killed, 2 brothers and 1 sister injured after they were purposefully hit by a van in Bangladesh

Pakistan: Christian pastors shot in broad daylight in Peshawar, one pastor dead while another injured

One Christian pastor shot dead in Peshawar city in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, another one injured

2 Hindu sisters from Pakistan await their Indian citizenship 33 years after taking shelter in India because Pakistan govt is withholding a report: Details

Sangita and Anita married to Indian citizens are aged around 45 years and 41 years respectively, but they are not Indian citizens.

Iqbal Hossain was given the Quran by mosque caretakers, arrested for triggering mob violence against Hindus in Bangladesh

The two caretakers were identified as Hafez Humayun and Faisal by the chief custodian Ahmedunnabi Mashuk. The Quran was deliberately placed at a Durga Puja venue to trigger attacks against Hindus.

From Hindu temples to Durga Puja pandals, Hindu homes, shops and villages: Comprehensive account of the carnage in Bangladesh by Islamists

The foundation for orchestrating a Hindu pogrom was perfectly laid - The insult of the 'Holy Book', the punishment for which is death.

Bangladesh: Hindu victims of Islamist arson attack in Rangpur say that the horror reminded them of 1971 genocide by the Pakistani army

A day after radical Islamists burnt down 20 Hindu homes in Pirganj Upazila in Rangpur Division of Bangladesh, victims recall horrors of the 1971 Operation Searchlight

Actor Parambrata Chatterjee downplays Islamist attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh, says such attacks help ‘Hindutvawadis’: Read details

Parambrata Chatterjee alleged that the condition of Hindus in Bangladesh is no different from that of Muslims in India.

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