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“Multiple Sclerosis is a punishment from Allah,” Turkish researcher claims. 7 such reports by him published in medical journals now retracted

"In conclusion, we would like to emphasize that many MS patients attributed the cause of their disease to supernatural causes with the religious context in many cultures in the world," an excerpt from the report reads

‘Samudrayaan’: India’s first manned deep ocean research mission readying its submersible ‘MATSYA 6000’, minister Kiren Rijiju shares glimpses

Rijiju also shared a video of himself inside the vessel, with a mission expert explaining how 'Matsya 6000' will explore the deep ocean and how the individuals joining the deep-sea expedition will be able to sustain themselves there.

Cleaner destroys decades of groundbreaking research work by accidentally shutting off a freezer

In September 2020, a custodial worker was annoyed by the continuous alarm sound so he turned off a lab freezer. The freezer contained research samples related to solar panel development.

PM Modi lays the foundation stone of Assam Advanced Healthcare Innovation Institute, a medical research institution by IIT Guwahati and Assam govt

PM Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of Assam Advanced Healthcare Innovation Institute (AAHII) at the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati on Friday

Odour from other people’s sweat can treat social anxiety: Research

Social anxiety is a common mental health condition where people worry excessively about participating in social situations.

Columbian Medical College endorses using brain-dead women as surrogate mothers, later apologises after outrage

Colombian Medical College tendered an apology after it endorsed a controversial paper which called for using brain-dead women as surrogate mothers.

US-based political scientists conclude that large-scale violence in India significantly reduced in the last 20 years compared to the period between 1970-2000

The researchers have credited enhanced state capacity for the decline in violence in India during the 21st century.

Research explains how climate change can trigger extreme weather conditions in the Indian Ocean

Researchers studied how climate change can cause seawater temperatures on one side of the Indian Ocean to be so much warmer or cooler than that on the other side.

Eye movement holds clues to how humans make decisions, new research finds

A new study at University of Colorado Boulder found that human eyes can reveal information about their decisions.

Bacteria in the holy river Ganga effective in treating human diseases, could be substitute for antibiotics that have lost efficacy, finds research: Details

An AIIMS study discovered that a certain bacteria thriving in Ganga is effective in treating serious human diseases.

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