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Titled “Retweeting Modi increases BJP MPs’ chances of getting a Lok Sabha ticket: Study,” The Print article was written by Barbara De Alfaro, a student of political science at UC Berkeley
The BBC in its amended report on its research on Fake News has corrected only minor mistakes while ignoring the great flaws in their research.
BBC 'fake news' research on Kenya and Nigeria pulled down too
BBC had recently published a 'research' paper on fake news which had created quite the brouhaha. The research was conducted based on shoddy methodology, based on questionable sources and had been comprehensively debunked by
BBC has chosen to throw caution, diligence and integrity to the wind.
BBC's research is an assault on intellectual and academic rigour.
Such toxic hatred is not new for Nupur Sharma, or indeed, for any of us who take the ‘nationalist’ point of view.
Not only Pratik Sinha wrongly accused OpIndia of spreading misinformation, he exposed another chink in the BBC's armour.
BBC published a research paper on 'fake news' that itself can be termed as fake news
The constant hate which was directed at Chandra eventually got the Editor of, who edited the article, to respond
One might wonder why basic Biology matters to Hinduism... here is why
Pseudo-liberal historians often mock the existence of the river
One article had claimed that only a few temples in India are dedicated to the female deity
The research has been published in the prestigious Nature journal
This discovery can shed light on important events during the initial period of the universe
A response by Anand Ranganathan about use of data to prove whether mob lynchings have gone up.
A detailed factual rebuttal to a motivated piece
Research and Education Institutions haven't had it easy in Modi Sarkaar
How the so-called liberals fabricate facts to suit their agenda. This incident involving Kavita Krishnan and Anand Patwardhan proves it.

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