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India’s foreign exchange reserves hit a fresh all-time high of USD 642.63 billion

India's foreign exchange reserves rose for the fifth straight week to hit a fresh all-time high of USD 642.631 billion in the week ending on March 22.

Reserve Bank of India clarifies that it has not sold any gold or trading in it, refutes the ET report categorically

Tweaking its headline a bit, the ET had falsely reported that RBI has begun to sell some of its gold again despite their own reports suggested that RBI had bought more gold rather than selling from its reserves.

West Indies names Bravo and Pollard among the World Cup reserves

Kieron Pollard and Dwayne Bravo have been named as the World Cup reserves of the West India cricket team along with 10 others.

Modi government reportedly signs deal worth Rs 150 Billion to build stockpile for a 30 day war

The top brass of Army and the Defence Ministry will be monitoring the project.

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