Friday, April 19, 2024


Rocket strikes

Israel hits the house of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza, 14 family members including Haniyeh’s brother and nephew killed

Earlier on Tuesday afternoon (local time), an Israeli airstrike in the Gaza Strip eliminated the head of Hamas’s Central Gaza Brigade, Ayman Nofal.

Around 3 dozen rockets fired from Lebanon on Israel following clashes at Al-Aqsa mosque, 25 intercepted by Iron Dome

34 rockets were fired into Israel form Southern Lebanon, five of which landed within Israel, and 25 were shot down by the Iron Dome air defence system.

Ukraine: 30 dead and over 100 injured as rockets strike escaping Civilians in Kramatorsk station

30 people were killed and over 100 were injured in a Russian rocket strike on a railway station in east Ukraine today.

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