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Sadar Patel

All Prominent freedom fighters were NRIs: Rahul Gandhi in USA names Subhash Chandra Bose, Nehru, Gandhi, Patel, Ambedkar in bizarre statement

Rahul Gandhi in USA has made a bizarre comment where he said architects of modern India were all NRIs

Ram Guha tries to give clean chit to Nehru on Kashmir plebiscite issue, ties himself in knots

Without being asked to, the pop historian tried to shield Nehru, only to expose him and himself.

Remembering Nehru and his ‘Himalayan blunders’

It is time India's history books are revised by declassifying the 'private property' of India's first prime minister.

How ‘seculars’ falsely blame the Two Nation Theory on ‘Hindu nationalists’

As Imam Tawhidi said, “It’s somewhat fashionable to whitewash Islamic extremism by arguing that it’s not unique to Islam”.

Jinnah didn’t want to create Pakistan, says Farooq Abdullah, stirs up controversy

He blamed Indian leaders for creation of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

8 sharp attacks launched by Narendra Modi against the Nehru-Gandhi family in his Lok Sabha speech

The Prime Minister turned on the heat against the Nehru-Gandhi family in the Lok Sabha today

Sardar Patel’s descendant destroys Congress’ attempt to project Hardik Patel as modern Sardar

Sardar Patel's great grandnephew urges people to strengthen support to Narendra Modi

Why Muslims owe a lot to Sardar Patel

The narrative of him being a communal figure is flawed to say the least

Now West Bengal Government says NO to celebrating Sardar Vallabhai Patel’s birth anniversary

West Bengal refuses to follow UGC directive on paying tribute to Sardar Patel

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