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Torch bearers of freedom of speech and the press, Congress, threatens to take action against ScoopWhoop over old memes of Rahul Gandhi: Details

Congress leaders have taken to Twitter to threaten ScoopWhoop with legal action over some old memes of Rahul Gandhi

‘Tujhe equity chahiye toh ek chummi to de de’: Former ScoopWhoop anchor accuses CEO Sattvik Mishra of sexual assault

ScoopWhoop's former employee Samdish Bhatia has alleged that CEO Sattvik Mishra had sexually assaulted him.

‘I was assaulted’: Former ‘ScoopWhoop Unscripted’ anchor Samdish Bhatia speaks out about why he quit and how ScoopWhoop turned a blind eye

Three months after quitting Delhi-based digital media company ScoopWhoop, journalist Samdish Bhatia spoke out about his ex-employer's indifference to an alleged incident of assault that resulted in a traumatic experience.

As India and China face-off, interview of Sitaram Yechury defending China and saying he visited the Communist state often goes viral: Here is what...

Sitaram Yechury, who is also the General Secretary of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), when asked about his views on China, said that China, despite being a Communist nation, has successfully adapted to the new world order.

How ScoopWhoop uses all tricks in the trade to white-wash JNU incident

Has Scoopwhoop, which is essentially an Indian buzzfeed, plunged into news making and reporting now? From their latest video "Inside JNU - In search...

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