Tuesday, April 13, 2021


sexual abuse

Concerns rise as men of Pakistani origin found sexually assaulting women in Greece with alarming frequency

While most victims are native women, in some cases, even children have been assaulted by men of Pakistani descent.

Number of rape cases increase alarmingly in Rajasthan, minors are victims in many cases

The horrifying rape cases in 2021 so far suggest that minors are the biggest victims of sexual violence in Rajasthan

‘Bacha Bazi’: The rampant sexual exploitation of minor boys in Afghanistan and Pakistan

'Bacha Bazi' or using minor boys for sexual pleasure has been rampant in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Mumbai: 67-year-old Ahmad Shahi arrested for raping over 30 stray dogs in Juhu area

The NGO worker has informed the police that Ahmad Shah is a repeat offender and has been caught and warned against such acts by locals in the past too.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo faces multiple allegations of sexual harassment, sixth woman comes forward

The victim, a member of the Executive Chamber staff, alleged that Cuomo had sexually assaulted her after inviting her to the governor's mansion on work. The aide said that Cuomo touched her inappropriately late last year.

Kerala-based woman files sexual harassment case against National Book Trust editor Rubin DCruz

The women alleged that Rubin DCruz had molested her at his residence on 2 October 2020, after he had invited her promising help

France: Commission investigating church child abuse scandals says the number of victims may be over 10,000

The independent commission set up to investigate into church child abuse in France said that there are over 10,000 victims.

Disappearances, torture, repeated rape, electric shock in genitals: Survivor narrates how Chinese men brutalise Uyghur Muslim women

Even as China continues to reject the allegations of ongoing human rights abuses, atrocities against the Uyghur Muslims continue

Hollywood: Evan Rachel Wood accuses Marilyn Manson of grooming and ‘horrifically abusing’ for years

After Evan Rachel Wood spoke up, several celebrities and artists have come forward to speak against Marilyn Manson's abusive behaviour.

Mumbai: Shaikh ‘Murgiwala Chacha’ gets 10 year prison term for masturbating on 5-year-old boy, claimed devil possessed him

The Mumbai chicken seller was convicted of undressing a five-year-old boy, touching his private parts and masturbating on him.

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