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Pakistan: Hindu youth killed for resisting his sister’s abduction, Sindh-based activist says police protecting the accused

A 35-year-old Hindu man was killed by a group of Islamists in Sindh in Pakistan for resisting his sister's abduction

Afghan refugees, most of them women and children, languish in Pakistani jails after escaping from Taliban

Regarding Afghan refugees' plight, PTM's leader Manzoor Pashteen tweeted, "Afghan girls are deprived of knowledge in Afghanistan and innocent Afghan girls are imprisoned in Pakistan". In response to this tweet, a Sindh Government Minister questioned these claims.

‘Sar tan se juda’: Hindu woman raped and beheaded in Pakistan’s Sindh province, head defleshed and breasts chopped off

Hindu woman Diya Bheel was gang-raped, beheaded, and her breasts chopped off by unidentified persons in Sindh in Pakistan

After ordering minor Hindu girl to return to her abductor, Pakistan court reverses order following social media outrage, sends her to safe home

Netizens were enraged after a video of the teenage Hindu girl crying and clinging to her mother emerged following Pakistan court's ruling sending her back to her abductor

Pakistan: 14-year-old Hindu teenager kidnapped, forcibly converted to Islam and married off to her abductor Shaukat

Sindh province in Pakistan has been the hotbed of religious persecution, especially for those belonging to minority Hindu, Christian and Sikh communities.

Pakistan: Hindu man dies after cop beats him and throws out of hospital, allegedly pushed him into a well

A 35-year-old Hindu man named Alam Kohli was brutally thrashed by a police constable named Qadir in Pakistan

Pakistan: Politician attacks Hindu family on its way to pilgrimage over petty squabble

Pakistani Hindu resident Ajay Kumar was on a pilgrimage with his family when his overtaking a local politician's car triggered him so much that he traced Kumar's family and got his goons to attack him.

Pakistani man kills and boils wife in cauldron in front of their six children in Sindh

A Pakistan man in Sindh killed his wife, severed one of her legs and then boiled the body in a cauldron in front of his six children

Pakistan horror: Newborn baby beheaded, head left inside Hindu woman’s womb by govt hospital staff in Sindh province

A staff of a government-run Rural health centre (RHC) in Sindh, Pakistan, cut off the head of a newborn child and left it in the womb of a Hindu woman

Pakistan: Explosion near Karachi University, 4 including 2 Chinese nationals dead. Here is what we know so far

Gulshan SP informed that a probe has been launched to determine whether the attack was an accident or a terror attack.

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