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Russians cannot use honeytrap against French spies because ‘their wives already know about their affairs’: Reveals documentary on DGSE

French married secret agents told Russian agents that they can't be blackmailed over their lovers as their wives were used to their affairs.

US, UK announce sanctions against Chinese company, individuals for cyber attack on critical infrastructure, say China govt is sponsoring spying efforts

"OFAC is also designating Zhao Guangzong and Ni Gaobin, two Chinese nationals affiliated with Wuhan XRZ, for their roles in malicious cyber operations targeting U.S. entities that operate within U.S. critical infrastructure sectors, directly endangering US national security," the US Treasury Department said in a statement.

Qatar court commutes death sentences to eight former India Navy officials, punishment reduced to jail terms

In a significant victory for India, a court in Qatar has commuted the death sentence awarded to eight former Indian Navy personnel to jail

Gujarat: Pakistan-origin man arrested for spying in India 17 years after getting citizenship, allegedly sent malware to defence personnel

Gujarat anti-terror squad (ATS) arrested a 53-year-old man named Labhshankar Duryodhan Maheshwari on charges of helping Pakistani agents to get sensitive information about Indian soldiers

France passes law granting police the power to spy on people through mobile phones

As France grapples with rising violence and ongoing riots primarily involving Islamic refugees, the passage of this law reflects the government's determination to combat the security challenges faced by the country.

1994 ISRO espionage case: Allegations of spying against Nambi Narayanan false, part of an international conspiracy, CBI tells Kerala HC

CBI told Kerala HC that allegations of spying against Nambi Narayanan were fake and part of international conspiracy.

Facebook spied on private messages of conservatives who questioned the 2020 elections and reported them to the FBI

For 19 months, Facebook tracked private messages of conservatives of Messenger and sent reports to the FBI

Centre makes FCRA clearance mandatory for educational institutes to collaborate with China’s Confucius centres after control changes hand: Details

Centre has notified that the educational institutes that intend to collaborate with China's Confucius centres will need to have prior FCRA clearances

Rahul Gandhi and Congress party relies on NYT, twists their story to target the Modi govt on Pegasus yet again: How they are wrong

Govt has every right to use surveillance tools against enemies of nation, and it may have purchased Pegasus for the same

Did you know? US National Security Agency was authorised to spy on BJP when it was an opposition party

In 2014, Edward Snowden had released certain classified documents, which revealed that NSA was authorised to spy on BJP.

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