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Muslims only follow Shariat and Quran: Samajwadi Party MP ST Hasan reacts to Assam govt repealing Muslim Marriage and Divorces Act

Samajwadi Party leader ST Hasan declared that Quran and Shariat supersedes every law made by the government.

SP leader ST Hasan goes on another rant, says Muslims will not follow UCC, but Sharia and Quran, will also protest against CAA: Details

SP's ST Hasan said if UCC has anything against Quran and Hadith they [Muslims] will prefer Quran over UCC

‘Objectionable film’ plays on CCTV monitor at SP leader ST Hasan’s house, he alleges govt is spying on him through his TV using Pegasus

SP leader ST Hasan claimed that suddenly an ‘objectionable film’ which cannot be watched with family started playing on CCTV monitor at his house

Samajwadi MP ST Hasan says deaths due to Covid are the result of BJP messing with Islamic Sharia laws

Samajwadi Party MP ST Hasan said that heavenly catastrophes like cyclones and pandemic are happening because BJP has upset Muslims during the 7 years of its rule.

Controversial Samajwadi MP ST Hasan compares parliament to ‘Dharmic congregation’, says he is feels ashamed to be there

The controversial SP leader made these comments with reference to raising of religious slogans like 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai' and 'Jai Shri Ram' inside Parliament during this monsoon session.

Samajwadi Party MP who compared actresses to ‘tawaif’ says triple talaq ‘better’ than setting your cheating wife on fire

ST Hasan is the same MP who had earlier stoked controversy by comparing actress to a 'tawaif'.

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