Thursday, June 13, 2024


state bandh

Watch: While assuring a journalist that their anti-CAA protests are ‘peaceful’, RJD leader spots an autorickshaw and vandalises it

While claiming that anti-CAA protests are peaceful, one RJD leader spots an auto defying the bandh and vandalises it

Anti-CAA riots in Bihar: Vandalism, disruptions reported, Pappu Yadav marches wearing handcuffs and shackles

JAP chief Pappu Yadav marched on the streets accompanied by supporters wearing handcuffs and shackles, accusing the government of trying to smother dissent.

Congress gets a taste of its own medicine as BJP threatens a ‘bandh’ if farm loans are not waived

Congress has repeatedly targeted the BJP about farm loan waiver issue and conflated the meaning of 'loan waiver' and 'loan write off'. 

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