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Stolen Artefacts

Greece wants its ‘stolen’ sculptures from the Parthenon back, Britain says no: Read why a diplomatic row started between Greek PM Mitsotakis and British...

The Greek PM had called for the Parthenon sculptures to be returned and maintained that they were "essentially stolen". This irked the UK government and Rishi Sunak cancelled his scheduled meeting with Greek PM.

USA to return 1,414 ancient Murtis and artifacts, including Met Museum displays which were illegally taken from India, largest restitution so far

The US authorities have said that the 1,414 objects from different sources seem to be of "Indian provenance".

London’s British Museum director Hartwig Fischer resigns after failing to investigate theft of valuable items from storeroom

The director of the British Museum in London, Hartwig Fischer resigned from his post after admitting to failing in his investigation into the theft of items

‘Will begin with cooperation in manuscripts’: Govt on reports of launching a diplomatic campaign to reclaim Koh-i-Noor and other treasures from Britain

It claimed that New Delhi’s campaign would be “the largest repatriation claim faced by the UK, on a scale that would dwarf Greece’s demands for the Elgin Marbles”

New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art returns 16 smuggled artefacts worth over Rs 9.8 crore to India, were sold by jailed smuggler Subhash Kapoor

New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) returns 16 smuggled Indian artefacts worth Rs 9.8 crore

British archive reveals enormous loot of precious Indian resources during colonialism: Reports

Queen Elizabeth II was spotted handling the 'Timur Ruby' in a 1969 BBC documentary 'Royal Family.'

Over 1,000 artefacts in the Metropolitan Museum of Art linked to traffickers and looters: Report

In an investigation of the Met's antiquities collection, the ICIJ and Finance Uncovered discovered that at least 1,109 items had previously been acquired by people who had been charged or found to have committed crimes including looting and trafficking.

Puducherry: Karaikal temple authorities lodge a complaint for theft of 8 antique idols six decades ago, 2 traced to a museum in New York

8 idols from Sri Varathraja Perumal temple in Karaikal were stolen between 1959 and 1962, no complaint was lodged at that time

Metropolitan Museum of Art returns stolen 14th and 11th century artefacts to Nepal

Two artefacts from 14th and 11th century, stolen from Nepal in 1984-85 and 1995 were returned by Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Nigerian artists offer to donate artwork to British Museum in a bid to encourage them to return looted artefact

In 1897, a British Military force looted thousands of metal sculptures and ivory carvings from Western Africa's Kingdom of Benin from Edo State which is now part of southern Nigeria. They have been regarded amongst the greatest work of Africa.

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