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Social media accounts of Sweden based professor Ashok Swain hacked, alleged leaked direct messages indicate affair with young woman working under him

Leaked direct messages of Ashok Swain with female research assistant under him indicate an affair, and a fight with his son over it

Sweden: Pro-Palestine protesters give calls to ‘bomb Israel’, burn Israeli flag outside the only Jewish Synagogue in Malmö city

Chairman of the Jewish Central Council of Sweden, Aaron Verständig captured the incident where a demonstrator could be seen burning the Israeli flag and calling to ‘bomb Israel’.

Sweden’s Saab becomes first to bag 100% FDI in defence project, to make Carl-Gustaf M4 weapons system in Haryana

India has approved 100% FDI of Sweden's Saab to make shoulder-fired Carl-Gustaf M4 rockets in Haryana

Sweden: Activist Salwan Momika, who had earlier burnt Quran, now steps on Quran and waves Israeli flag in front of Islamists

On June 28 this year, the Swedish Police gave Salwan Momika permission to burn the Quran at a demonstration outside the largest mosque in Stockholm.

Sweden has a problem: ISIS returnees working with children and youth. Here is what a report says

Those who returned from IS to Sweden are now working with children, youth and vulnerable people.

After Sweden and Denmark, Quran burnt and desecrated in front of the embassies of Islamic countries in the Netherlands, OIC issues condemnation

Leader of PEGIDA, or Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West, tore copies of the Quran in front of the embassies of Türkiye, Indonesia and Pakistan in The Hague on Saturday (23 September).

To stop the growing incidents of Quran burning in public, Denmark plans law against desecration of holy books

Danish government announced that it would propose a law that would make it illegal to desecrate or burn any holy book in Denmark

Denmark’s Foreign Minister apologises to his Algerian counterpart as multiple cases of desecration of the Quran are reported

According to the Algerian Ministry, Rasmussen described these acts as intolerable and unacceptable. The Danish Minister stressed that these acts were intrinsically contrary to the traditions of hospitality, openness, and tolerance that are firmly rooted in Danish society, the statement said.

Sweden: Violent clashes erupt during cultural event after two groups of Eritrean immigrants come face to face in Stockholm, dozens injured

An Eritrea theme cultural festival organised in a Stockholm suburb turned into a war zone on Thursday after thousands of anti-Eritrea government protestors stormed the event

Sweden’s Prime Minister left worried as more people apply for permission to burn Quran in the Nordic country

To safeguard its relation with the Muslim countries, the Swedish government launched an aggressive campaign stating that Russia-backed actors have been attempting to damage the country’s image by falsely claiming that the Swedish government had supported the burning of the Quran.

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