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Switzerland’s parliament passes legislation to ban burqa, introduces fine for violators

The legislation to ban burqa was adopted by the National Council with a vote of 151-29. It had already been approved by the upper house.

Black money is no more an issue with India says Swiss envoy

Traditionally, Switzerland was seen as a safe tax haven for Indian businessmen, politicians and industrialists.

Switzerland to impose $1,000 fine on those violating ‘Burqa Ban’

The Swiss government sent a draft law to parliament seeking to impose fine of $1,000 on 'Burqa Ban' violators.

Isreal’s Mossad may have bombed Swiss and German companies that helped Pakistan in developing nuclear weapons: Report

A Swiss newspaper suggests that in 1980s, the Israeli spy agency- Mossad had allegedly bombed and threatened German and Swiss companies who were helping Pakistan develop its nuclear weapons programme.

Switzerland allows legal gender change through ‘self-declaration’, without medical procedure or therapy

Legal change of gender will no longer need medical procedure or hormone therapy. Transgenders in Switzerland can now just walk into a civil registry office and get themselves documented as per 'chosen gender'.

Switzerland embassy fact-checks Chinese media story on Covid origins, says the ‘Swiss scientist’ they had quoted does not exist

Chinese State media outlets, including the Global Times, the People’s Daily, had carried articles with comments from one Wilson Edwards, on the origins of Covid-19 and the WHO's independence.

Switzerland: People vote to ban burqa or niqab in public spaces, Islamic group calls it ‘dark day for Muslims’

On March 7, during the referendum, 51% of the voters in Switzerland cast their vote favouring banning people from covering their faces completely in public places

Swiss artist beams Indian Flag onto Matterhorn mountain to spread hope amidst Coronavirus outbreak

On Friday night, the 14,690 feet Matterhorn mountain in the Swiss Alps, located on the border between Switzerland and Italy, was lit up with the Indian flag

Human rights violations: Posters highlighting ‘Pashtun genocide in Pakistan’ appear in Geneva during the UNHRC meeting

Several groups have appealed to the UN to pull up Pakistan for oppression of minorities.

Switzerland government to provide Vijay Mallya’s swiss bank account details to India

After the go ahead by Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland, India will get Vijay Mallya’s swiss bank account details

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