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Iran-Pakistan conflict: Pakistan launches strikes in Iran, claims to hit ‘militant’ targets inside the Persian country

An Army Official was shot dead by terrorists in Iran after missile and drone strikes on terror organisation in Pakistan.

Iran foils major terror plot by defusing 30 bombs set to explode simultaneously in Tehran, 28 Islamic State-linked terrorists arrested: Iranian Media

Iran security forces neutralised 30 bombs that were planted to go off simultaneously in populated areas in Tehran, the country’s capital.

Tehran: 22-year-old woman dies after she was beaten into a coma by ‘Morality Police’ for ‘improper hijab’

Mahsa Amini, an Iranian woman, was whisked away by Morality Police in Tehran for not completely covering her hair with hijab

Iranian authorities take down anti-India posters outside Pakistan consulate in Tehran, call them ‘Undiplomatic tactics’

Prior to this, two anti-India protests were held in Iran by Pakistani mission without permission. 

Interview: Former RAW officer makes further shocking revelations about Hamid Ansari after alleging that he endangered lives of RAW officers in Iran

In this exclusive interview, Former RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) officer NK Sood makes further revelations about his time in Iran, Hamid Ansari and the vilified scientist Nambi Narayanan

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