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Pakistan finds itself in soup amidst escalating tension between the US and China: Reports

As US seeks to contain the growing influence of China, Pakistan finds itself increasingly cornered by the States

Clashes erupt between tribal people and local Christians in Chhattisgarh over alleged forest land encroachment

Kondagaon SP Siddharth Tiwari rejected the claim of the Chhattisgarh Christian Forum and said the matter related to land encroachment.

Bihar man unleashes his dog on cow, journalist invents Hindu-Muslim angle

Journalist Narendra Nath gave it a communal angle and spread fake information that the matters escalated over rumours that the dog owner was a Muslim

Muslim-Dalit tensions in UP village after Muslims molest women taking part in wedding procession

Eight have already been arrested by the police in connection with the incident.

Tension grips Kerala after hoax hartal call over Kathua rape goes viral

Incidences of violence were reported in the state

Tension grips locality in UP after some locals try to rename Gautam Nagar as Islam Nagar

Dalit families have alleged that they live under a constant fear of conversion

Rajdeep Sardesai deletes casteist tweet after major public backlash

People were very angry at Rajdeep Sardesai

Meerut girl accuses Muslim man of raping her after faking identity as a Hindu

The accused have been arrested but the region is reported to be tense due to communal nature of the crime.

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