Thursday, June 13, 2024


UN Report

Online scammers include ‘hundreds of thousands’ of victims, trafficked and tortured by criminal gangs to run fraud rackets, says UN report

A new UN report has been estimated that over 120,000 people in Myanmar, and at least 100,000 in Cambodia, have been trafficked and forced to run online scam rackets.

US President Biden implies that the Taliban is helping to eliminate Al Qaeda, Taliban uses it to claim that it has no ties with...

US President Joe Biden, in an ‘off-the-cuff’ remark admitted that Washington is getting help from Afghanistan's Taliban to 'end' the threat of Al-Qaeda. 

UN report says India’s infant mortality rates lowest in five years, four-fold decline in gender gap in girl child survival

UNICEF's India chief says countrywide efforts in healthcare, newborn care and immunisation has been instrumental in bringing down infant death rates in the country.

Corrupt businessmen and Islamists try to get Modi ‘arrested’ ahead of BRICS, read how they failed

The businessmen are the ones who helped President Zuma in his corruption

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