Thursday, July 7, 2022


United States

US ‘liberals’ attack comedian Trevor Noah for seeking accountability from the Democrats: Details

"Make the Democrats show you what they’ve done, and then you donate to their cause,” Trevor Noah sought accountability from the party.

MEA comes down hard on USCIRF for continuing to make biased and inaccurate comments on India, says it raises concerns about the credibility of...

The Indian government has strongly condemned the controversial organisation USCIRF for its biased and inaccurate claims about India

Washington: 15-year-old dead, 3 injured including a police officer in yet another mass shooting, here is what we know so far

The shooting occurred during the Moechella event, a music festival conducted to commemorate the emancipation of enslaved African Americans (Juneteenth).

Hindu American Foundation demands increased security for Hindu temples after series of robberies at temples in the USA

After several incidents of daylight robberies at Hindu temples in the USA, Hindu American Foundation has demanded security

Crash landing on you: US President Joe Biden falls off bike, watch viral video

Biden had his foot caught in the pedal of the cycle and lost balance and fell down.

As US condemns the statements by Nupur Sharma, here is what a Pakistani Maulana said about its hand in the global outcry

Maulana Engineer Mohammad Ali Mirza of Pakistan slammed the United States for grabbing the opportunity to criticize India over the Prophet Muhammad Row.

American woman who led all-women battalion for ISIS, planned bomb attacks with ‘maximum possible violence’, pleads guilty to terrorism

Allison Fluke-Ekren provided more than 100 women and girls including the ones aged as young as 10-years-old with military training on behalf of the ISIS. Her main job was teaching women and children to use AK-47s, grenades, and suicide vests.

Another mass shooting in the USA: 3 dead, 11 injured in Philadelphia after multiple attackers open fire at crowded street

In yet another mass shooting which have become a regular affair in the USA, 3 people were killed and 11 others were injured in Philadelphia

US: Baptist Minister slams anti-Hindu activist Peter Friedrich over ‘death threats’ against a Hindu legislator

The Baptist Minister condemned the bigoted rhetorics of Peter Friedrich and his accomplice Junaid Ahmed, who is running for Office to represent Illinois' 8th Congressional District.

Another mass shooting in the USA: Gunman enters Tulsa hospital and kills 4, later kills himself

Four people killed by gunman in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Gunman kills himself later.

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