Monday, March 1, 2021


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US: Liberals outrage over supposed ‘Nazi symbol’ at CPAC ahead of Donald Trump’s address, Jewish conservatives rubbish allegations

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is the largest gathering of conservative leaders and activists in the United States.

US intelligence report says Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman approved killing of Jamal Khashoggi, Biden admin imposes ‘Kashoggi ban’: Details

United States for the first time accused Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of approving killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi

Joe Biden administration faces accusation of hypocrisy after the airstrike in Syria, but Biden was always a war-hawk

U.S. President Joe Biden approved military airstrikes against Iranian-backed militia groups in Syria as a retaliation for a rocket attack

China forces US diplomats to undergo anal swab tests, Biden administration calls it undignified: Reports

The Chinese authorities later acknowledged carrying out such tests and assured that they would not be using anal swabs on American diplomats to test for COVID-19 in the future.

US President Joe Biden casually drops the N-word during Munich Security Conference, accused of racism on social media

The N-word is considered as one of the hateful words that were first uttered in the 17th century. Its origin can be traced back to the Spanish word 'negro', which is often used by white supremacists to deliberately offend the African-American community.

Top-level officials in the Biden administration worked as fellows for a CCP-funded organisation: Report

A recent investigation by The National Pulse found that Biden's Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and Senior Adviser on China in Policy Planning Mira Rapp-Hooper once worked at Yale’s Paul Tsai China Center as fellows

US President Joe Biden says African-Americans and Hispanics have not been vaccinated because ‘they don’t know how to get online’

Joe Biden later issued a clarification saying that he was referring to the older members of the two communities who aren't tech-savvy.

Oracle Corporation, which was to acquire TikTok in USA, sold software to China that enabled invasive surveillance of citizens: Details

Slides from a presentation by Oracle show that four products were used by Chinese police authorities for 'criminal analysis'

Race-baiting: Washington Post blames ‘systemic racism’ after a black woman knowingly uses superglue on her hair as hair-spray alternative

Washington Post argued that the black woman applied superglue on her hair due to anti-Black notions of beauty and professionalism

George Floyd case: In eight months, Minneapolis went from defunding Police to spending millions to recruit more officers

City council members of Minneapolis have decided to spend millions of dollars on recruiting more police officers to halt crime rate in the city.

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