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As US Embassy courts controversy by inviting propagandist Akash Banerjee, read how the State Dept is spending ₹1.6 crores to recruit ‘fact-checker’ in India

The US State Department is implementing the project, starting 1st September this year, in 5 cities of India - Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi.

The US is officially platforming Modi haters like Sayema and Akash Banerjee: Understanding why and what India can do about it

Why should the US platform dynastic sycophants and anti-Modi haters like Sayema or Akash Banerjee? - here is what we can do

Bangladesh hits back at US for lecturing on ‘violence’, reminds America of assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump

The statement came hours after, the US claimed that two students had died during the current student protests in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Uncovered high grounds, poor evacuation, clueless agents and more: How US Secret Service failed to prevent assassination attempt on Donald Trump

Immediately after Donald Trump was shot, a clueless Secret Service agent was heard asking, "What’re we doing, what’re we doing, Where are we going...”

Pro-American, politically incorrect critic of Democratic Party: Meet Corey Comperatore, the man who died saving his family during assassination attempt on Donald Trump

Corey Comperatore often took potshots at the Democratic Party's delusional gender politics and appeasement of pro-Hamas cheerleaders in the United States.

‘Shooting makes me stronger’: Chinese retailers see business opportunity in assassination attempt on Donald Trump, start selling T-shirts

As per a report by South China Morning Post (SCMP), T-shirts featuring assassination attempt on Donald Trump were up on sale even before most governments across the globe reacted to the incident.

‘Registered’ Republican who donated money to Democrats: Meet Thomas Matthew Crooks, the man behind the assassination attempt on Donald Trump

Thomas had donated money through 'ActBlue', a Democratic party donation platform to a liberal group. The donation was made on the day Joe Biden took Office as the US President.

ISKCON and Donald Trump: How the first Jagannath Rath Yatra in 1976 was organised with the help of the former US President in New...

Without Donald Trump's help, the first ever Jagannath Rath Yatra in New York City would not have been possible

‘Bullet pierced the upper part of my right ear’: Former US President Donald Trump shot during election rally, attacker neutralised

In a statement, US Secret Service stated, "One spectator was killed, two spectators were critically injured."

US Supreme Court upholds limited immunity for Trump, potentially delaying Jan 6 Capitol attack trial

The US Supreme Court ruled that former President Donald Trump can assert limited immunity from criminal prosecution for actions taken during the final days of his presidency.

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