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Ganesh is a software consultant who has spent the last few decades overseas for work. But he is very much an Indian citizen and deeply connected to India. He likes to share his perspectives and opinions which are based on personal experiences, extensive travel and interaction with various cultures.

2024 Lok Sabha Elections: Ten things I like about the BJP manifesto and a few I wish were different

The very fact that BJP has chosen to go the development route in its 2024 manifesto shows it has the confidence to do so.

Judicial verdicts, if ill-conceived or plain wrong, can have serious consequences: Judicial activism, Electoral Bonds verdict and ramifications

SC led by our Hon. CJI, Justice Chandrachud, has created a serious situation by its activism on the Electoral Bonds issue

Modi 3.0 is inevitable and with that, here is a 19-item wishlist of policies: From ending CSR to healthcare overhaul, history book revision and...

We need to set up the runway for the next stage of growth to take off, in our lifetimes. Yet another generation can’t be condemned to living in the depravity

Clear Congress strategy: Get Muslim votes, armtwist local dynasts into yielding seats and try to add a small percentage of Hindu votes using Left...

Congress's strategy is becoming clear. The scary implications for India are not likely to be felt in 2024 but who knows what can happen by 2029?

An open letter to the leftists ahead of Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha

You, who have always held Hindu rituals in contempt and Hindu Gods in disrespect, have suddenly morphed into experts on Vedic sampradaya. Bravo! Lord Ram sure works in mysterious ways.

India can not afford Claudine Gays of the world in its universities- The time to act is NOW

US universities have such a long and fantastic track record and so much money in their kitty to rebuild, they can afford a few Claudine Gays. India and Indians cannot.

Is Raghuram Rajan the ‘disease’ or a symptom of a wider disease: Defining the Woke problem and what the solution can be

Only Raghuram Rajan himself can explain the reasons and motives, I can only speculate. My guess is, that he is desperate to become India’s next PM if not FM

Arvind Kejriwal’s brand of politics is lying blatantly and apologising when the jig is up – repeatedly: Pollution excuses, payoff for AAP and how...

Delhi’s pollution crisis has technical and administrative solutions but AAP's Arvind Kejriwal rather lie blatantly

India-Canada standoff and the lessons we need to learn: The rising threat of wokes and the West’s deep state and the urgent need for...

Much has been said about the recent downturn in the India-Canada relationship caused by the untimely demise of a terrorist - and here is why India needs a plan B

Udhayanidhi Stalin, his statement on Sanatan Dharma and 3 steps to tackle it: Annamalai, following the money trail and painstaking groundwork

The recent hate speech by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Stalin’s son and minister as well as anointed heir to the throne, Udhayanidhi Stalin against Hindus has produced a variety of interesting responses

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