Thursday, June 13, 2024


Unknown gunmen

Unknown gunmen strike again in Pakistan: Amir Sarfaraz alias Tamba who was convicted of killing Sarabjit Singh in jail shot dead in Lahore

Sarabjit Singh was an Indian national jailed in Pakistan. He was arrested as a suspected Indian spy in Pakistan.

‘Not going to get in the middle of this’: US steers clear, refuses to comment on Pakistan’s claims about India getting terrorists assassinated

The response by US Department of State spokesperson Matthew Miller came after he was asked about Washington’s stance on a recent UK media report citing Pakistani officials alleging that India carried killings of individuals associated with terrorism and extremism on Pakistani soil.

Unidentified gunmen kill 9 Pakistani nationals in Iran days after cross-border strikes

Unidentified armed assailants in Iran's Saravan city killed at least nine Pakistani citizens near the Pakistan-Iran border.

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