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Mainstream media spins report to claim Dalit man thrashed by ‘upper caste’ youths for ‘accidentally touching food’ in UP: Here is the truth

Mainstream media spins a fight over food, triggered by an old dispute in Uttar Pradesh's Gonda dicsrict into a case of 'casteism and untouchability'

If you are a Hindu then you practice untouchability: Jindal Law School faculty claims in viral video

Following her rant, Shruti Pandey of Jindal Global Law School went on to heap praises on Islam and its 'acceptability' of widow remarriage.

While Telangana CM claims Dalits who convert to Christianity get ‘respect they were denied’, the ground reality is different. Here is how

Telengana CM says Dalits convert to Christianity to get respect, but the Christian Dalits face discriminations faced by Hindu Dalits

Dalit man beaten to death for ‘touching food’ in MP? Contrary reports emerge that suggest he was beaten for molesting woman

Various media outlets like ANI, Times of India, Zee News Hindi, India Today, NDTV, etc, have claimed that the Dalit man was killed due to his caste

Dear Hindus, ignoring a problem doesn’t make it go away. It’s time we discuss

I am not asking people to use idioms/terminologies of the West exclusively to tackle these problems

Yogi Adityanath appeals to Hindu saints to work towards elimination of casteism and untouchability

Yogi asked religious leaders to spread the message of brotherhood

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