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राहुल पाण्डेय

धर्म और राष्ट्र की रक्षा को जीवन की प्राथमिकता मानते हुए पत्रकारिता के पथ पर अग्रसर एक प्रशिक्षु। सैनिक व किसान परिवार से संबंधित।

UP: Muslim mob turns violent after claiming print on doormat resembles ‘Kaaba’, does stone pelting and sloganeering in Balrampur shopping mart

When the aggressive mob moved ahead, numerous women employees and customers were present at V-Bazaar However, owing to the administration's proactive approach, they were all safe.

Nepal: Muslim mob raising Allahu Akbar attacks Hindus in Sunsari ahead of Bageshwar Baba Dhirendra Shastri’s programme, curfew imposed

Reports say that Dheerendra Shastri's programme will be held on 17th April in Chatra, Sunsari. Workers from the Vishwa Hindu Parishad promoting this event were attacked, escalating the tension.

Exclusive Ground Report: Police station in Balrampur grabbed by former SP MLA Arif Hashmi during Akhilesh Yadav’s rule to build illegal mazar instead of...

Urs (an Islamic gathering) was being held in the police station where the illegal mazar was built and maulvis and pilgrims were being entertained here

UP: Hina Ali leaves Islam and adopts Hinduism, was distressed about Badaun murder case and changed her name to Sangeeta after the mother of...

Hina and Mahesh married according to Hindu customs in Mata Kali temple in Sitapur city of Uttar Pradesh (UP).

UP: Imam threatens woman who left Islam for Hinduism, says repent to Allah or Muslims will kill her

Several videos of Imam Raees that have gone viral show the Muslim cleric not only sitting beside guns and obscene books but threatening girls converted to Hinduism in the name of Allah.

‘Rapes in mosques, arms, women’s trafficking’: Ex-Muslim victim who converted to Hinduism writes to CM Yogi, alleges ‘sex parties with girls happen after Friday...

An ex-Muslim victim has written a letter to UP CM Yogi Adityanath, underlining grave accusations of rape against girls occurring after Friday prayers within the mosque.

‘Mosque is a den of adultery’: 23-year-old girl who left Islam to adopt Hinduism accuses her four uncles and a Maulana of gangraping her

The girl stated that she had witnessed the Imam of the Jamiya Masjid located in the Naderbagh area supplying girls and raping them.

Lies and Deceit in the Badaun Murder Case: Locals hail Javed and Sajid and noble, ‘respectful’ men, grandmother lies to shield the murderers. Exclusive

The accused of the Badaun murder case were defended by their relatives and neighbours who portrayed them as wonderful people.

Javed’s location to Sajid observing Roza: Claims being made by kins of Badaun double murder accused are contradictory and do not align with the...

When the OpIndia team visited the accused's village and spoke with their family members and relatives of Badaun double murder accused Sajid and Javed, we realised that the statements they were making were blatantly inconsistent and brimming with contradictions.

Trachea, skull cut, shoulder bone sliced: Postmortem report of Badaun double murder case reveals brutality executed by Sajid on two Hindu children

The post-mortem report in the Ayush and Ahaan murder case in Badaun has been obtained by OpIndia which details how the children were slain mercilessly.

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