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Who asked US spokesperson about Arvind Kejriwal’s arrest: Bangladeshi politician-journalist Mushfiqul Fazal Ansarey, columnist at The Wire, and regularly pushing anti-India content

Mushfiqul Fazal (Ansarey) had asked questions to the US Stated Department rep about Arvind Kejriwal's arrested and Congress's allegations that their account were frozen ahead of Lok Sabha Elections

US govt is asking Americans stuck in Israel to pay for evacuation, making them sign an agreement: Details

The US govt is reportedly asking its nationals stranded in Israel to repay for their evacuation and sign an agreement for the same.

Israel-Hamas War: US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to visit Israel, Biden equates Hamas to ISIS

Miller added that Blinken will arrive in Israel on Thursday. The State Department spokesperson also informed that following his visit to Israel, Antony Blinken will head to Jordan to meet the officials there.

USA: Over 60,000 official emails of State Dept stolen by Chinese hackers, major Microsoft breach hounds Biden govt

Hackers linked to the Chinese govt stole 60,000 emails from the unclassified inboxes of 10 State Dept employees.

Both India and Canada are important partners for us, Justin Trudeau’s allegations are concerning: US State Department

US State Department’s Hindustani Spokesperson Margaret MacLeod emphasized that the US has their own relations with India and Canada

Did the USA orchestrate a regime change because Imran Khan visited Moscow? Secret Pakistan cables reveal Americans wanted him removed

The US had expressed its displeasure over Khan's visit to Russia soon after Russia's military action against Ukraine, and set up a chain of events that led to his removal.

US State Department working with media houses and global ‘fact-checkers’ to peddle its narrative. Here is what we know so far

AFL noted that millions of conservative Americans were targeted for their social media posts on vaccine mandates, election integrity and Covid-19 vaccines.

Former US State Department cyber official reveals how America-funded organisations interfere in Indian elections

Former US state dept official Mike Benz reveals how American organisations run anti-Modi campaigns during elections in India

US State Dept criticises India on religious freedom using dubious data fed by Christian evangelists and radical Islamist groups. Read Details

The Christian evangelist organisations, which fed their data to the US State Department, also misled people by counting cases of child sexual abuse by pastors as atrocities on the community.

Pakistani journalist begs USA to make India start a dialogue with Pakistan, gets snubbed

Ned Price said, "It is not for the United States to determine the modalities or the way in which India and Pakistan engage one another. "

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