Wednesday, May 18, 2022



China scuttling probe into the origin of coronavirus, including deploying army officer to assume charge of Wuhan lab: Report

The Xi Jinping govt in China has tried to keep COVID origin investigations at bay by deliberating its propaganda media to create an elaborate online disinformation campaign

Wuhan lab-leak the likely origin of Covid, virus most likey engineered: Biologist tells UK parliament

Dr. Alina Chan claimed that a leak from a laboratory in the Wuhan region of China was more likely the origin of this global pandemic.

Chinese journalist jailed for covering Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak in critical condition after several hunger strikes

Chinese journalist Zhang Zhan is in critical condition due to hunger strikes protesting against her imprisonment for reporting Covid-19 outbreak

China wants to reward Wuhan Institute of Virology for its ‘contribution’ for COVID-19 research, has been in news for ‘lab leak theory’

Many scientists and researchers believe that the Chinese coronavirus originated in a lab in China, specifically Wuhan Institute of Virology

Video evidence shows there were live bats in Wuhan lab, DRASTIC exposes Peter Daszak again

Video evidence of bats in cages at Wuhan lab emerges, further exposing scientists who had dismissed 'lab leak' theories as conspiracy.

The Seeker: Meet the Indian man who helped find evidence for the Covid-19 lab leak hypothesis

The Seeker, an Indian with a profile picture of Bengal tribal art, helped find evidence for Covid-19 lab-leak hypothesis.

Trump blasts Fauci after release of Covid-19 emails, says it vindicates his ‘lab origin’ theory and demands China pay $10 Trillion

Trump said even his opponents are grudgingly accepting that he was right about the Covid-19 virus emerging from a Wuhan Lab

Facebook reverses its ban on Wuhan lab theory after US President Biden asks for intel agencies to probe origins of COVID-19

Facebook had earlier banned users from uploading posts that linked the origins of COVID-19 to a possible Wuhan lab leak

India extends its support to WHO study on COVID-19 origin, calls its “first important step”

The WHO convened global study on the origin of Covid-19 is an important first step, the govt of India has said

US President Joe Biden shuts down inquiry into possible Wuhan lab origins of Covid that was initiated by Mike Pompeo, cites ‘poor quality’

Biden's administration has asked the officials to stop the investigation citing "poor quality work and its politicization, selective use by Trump and his allies to blame the pandemic on China."

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