Wednesday, April 14, 2021



USA: CDC chief under Trump admin says he believes the novel Coronavirus originated in a Chinese lab

Ex CDC chief Robert Redfield has said that he believes that the novel Coronavirus escaped from a laboratory in Wuhan, China.

China’s Sinopharm vaccine being developed at a bio-weapons lab operated by PLA, has history of producing sub-standard vaccines: Details

Amidst concerns about the safety of China Sinopharm vaccine, damning disclosures have come out in the public about the lab producing it

Coronavirus flares up in China again, Shijiazhuang, a city of 11 million people goes under lockdown

China closed down Shijiazhuang as Covid-19 cases are on the rise in the region.

Subramanian Swamy goes on an anti-vaccine rant to target the Modi government, here is how he is wrong

Subramanian Swamy made several misleading claims about the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine made by Serum Institute of India

FT publishes damning investigation implicating China, WHO and their role in the spread of Coronavirus: Here are 7 takeaways

The Financial Times carried out an investigation about China's initial mismanagement and complacency that led to a global coronavirus pandemic

China injecting unproven coronavirus vaccine to its citizens, forcing them to sign non-disclosure agreements

Chinese officials are injecting three vaccine candidates into workers whom the government considers important

Chinese Virologist Li Meng-Yan says she has evidence to prove that Coronavirus was made in Wuhan lab

Virologist Li Meng-Yan had earlier claimed that China and WHO knew about the coronavirus long before they cautioned the world about it

Frozen samples of virus almost identical to coronavirus was sent to Wuhan Lab of Virology in 2013: Read details of the shocking report

According to Shi Zhengli, an expert on SARS-like coronaviruses, the coronavirus bears stark resemblance with the frozen samples of bat virus that were sent to Wuhan Institute of Virology, collected from an abandoned bat cave in China's Yunnan province

Canada’s top microbiology lab sent fifteen “deadliest pathogens” to the Wuhan lab months before the Coronavirus outbreak: Report

The scientist, Dr Xiangguo Qiu, who was responsible for exporting the pathogens to China, was sacked in July last year

Coronavirus outbreak in China may have begun in August and not December 2019 as claimed: Harvard study

While the study could not directly confirm that the dramatic increase in hospital traffic is due to coronavirus, it gave credence to the hypothesis that the outbreak of the pandemic may have happened before its identification in the wet markets of Wuhan.

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