Monday, July 4, 2022


Xi Jinping

China devising new ways to harass and intimidate foreign journalists, says a report by Committee to Protect Journalists

According to a CPJ report published last year, the Chinese govt had imposed restrictions on free speech and freedom of media

Chinese surgeons removed hearts of patients while they were still alive under government orders, shows study

Chinese surgeons, working at state-run civilian and military hospitals, have been cutting out prisoners’ hearts while they’re still alive, reveals study

Chinese citizens stranded in Ukraine blame their govt for abandoning them, say embassy did not help at all

The Chinese citizens stranded in Ukraine have been blaming their own government for failing to help them in their time of need

Pakistan falls back to China after snubbed by USA, had offered to scrap CPEC with China if US gives a similar deal but was...

While the political posturing infront of US diplomats has failed, Pakistan has now crowned China as its permanent political father.

The US shared intelligence with China on Russia’s troop buildup near Ukraine, China shared the info with Moscow: Reports

The Biden administration was desperate to stop Russia and thus shared intelligence with China on troop buildup

China scuttling probe into the origin of coronavirus, including deploying army officer to assume charge of Wuhan lab: Report

The Xi Jinping govt in China has tried to keep COVID origin investigations at bay by deliberating its propaganda media to create an elaborate online disinformation campaign

Former UK diplomat narrates how he was set up by a British professor and monitored by Chinese Intelligence in 2018

Former UK diplomat Charles Patron narrates how he was subjected to surveillance by the Chinese Intelligence

‘They kept slipping and being rushed downstream’: New report on Galwan clash says 38 PLA soldiers had drowned in river

Reportedly, 38 personnel from the PLA had drowned in the Galwan river, with Chinese Col. Fabao being hit by Indian soldiers with 'sticks' on his head.

‘Go Back China’: Civil society in Nepal protests against growing Chinese interference in the country’s internal affairs

Rashtriya Ekata Abhiyan in Nepal held demonstrations against China protesting against excessive interference in Nepal's internal affairs

China’s plans to undermine sovereignty of nation-States through its ‘debt trap’ policy is beginning to backfire: Report

One Road One Belt (OBOR) has been dubbed as the 'project of the century' by Chinese Premier Xi Jinping.

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