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Yoga in Schools

Global business of Yoga grows to Rs 8 lakh crores as it thrives around the world, artisans and tribal women making careers, 48000 centres...

Awareness regarding the physical and mental benefits of Yoga has skyrocketed among Indian youngsters and the elderly

Yoga soon to be a part of the sports curriculum in Saudi Arabia schools: Saudi Yoga committee working with Edu ministry

The president of the Saudi Yoga Committee (SYC) Nouf Al-Marwaai has announced the decision on 14th March 2022.

USA: Month after ‘de-Hinduised’ bill to end Yoga ban was cleared in Alabama, State Senate stalls bill after Christian conservatives object

Though the bill cleared the Alabama House of Representatives it has again reached a deadlock as it could not get through the Alabama Senate

USA: Alabama House of Representatives passes bill to end Yoga ban, but postures to have only English names and no ‘Namaste’

The Alabama House of Representatives has approved a bill that will enable K-12 school systems to teach Yoga.

18,000 government schools in Uttarakhand to chant ‘Bhojan Mantra’ before mid-day meals

It will be up to the discretion of the students whether to chant the mantra.

It is time Yoga is taken up as a wellness program by the Government of India

It is time we reclaim what is rightfully ours

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