After the Ankiv Baisoya case, it is time for educational institutes to set their processes right

Ankiv Baisoya would have never been questioned for his fake degree if he would have not won DUSU president post. He would have gone scot free. And unfortunately, there may be several hundreds of such cases in the university and colleges which may have not been checked or verified by the University of Delhi.

Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), world’s largest student organization is known for inculcating discipline, love for the nation and overall development in students of universities across the country. ABVP never stops students to join the organization on the basis of their degrees, qualification or any other criteria. The only criteria to work in the organization is to have a zeal to work for the betterment of society, country and students in particular.

However, all the college/university units are being led and run by regular students who are part of the institution. Some of the most sought-after colleges of the DU like SRCC, Hansraj, Hindu, Sri Venkateshwara have the most successful ABVP and have produced most disciplined and honest Karykartas.

ABVP sets high standards of discipline not only in its day to day working but also in the Students Union Elections. The recent decision taken by ABVP to suspend its Delhi University Students Union’s President is a perfect example of its style of working. ABVP is a student organization which is contesting students’ union election in the University of Delhi for more than 6 decades now. It only considers candidates for elections who have been certified by the university as their bonafide students. The nomination form for all the posts clearly states ‘

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This is to certify that Mr./Ms. __________________________________________ is a bonafide student of Class ___________________ under Roll No. _________________ of this College/Instt./Deptt. and that the declaration made by him/her is true as per our records. He/she has signed in my presence and his/her date of birth as per record is ________________. It is further certified that he/she has no academic arrear(s) during his/her present course of study and that he/she has 75% or more attendance in his/her preceding year of the course.

Signature of the Principal/Head
(With full Name and Official Rubber Stamp)

Only after students submit the above form to ABVP election committee duly signed and stamped by the head of the Department/Institution they are considered for elections. In case of Ankiv Baisoya, University Administration and Head Department of Buddhist Studies signed his form with his seal. This is definitely a lapse in the part of Head Department of Buddhist Studies and the University Administration.

The motive for writing this piece is to bring out the lapse in the admission process of one of the finest universities in India. Ankiv Baisoya would have never been questioned for his fake degree if he would have not won DUSU president post. He would have gone scot free. And unfortunately, there may be several hundreds of such cases in the university and colleges which may have not been checked or verified by the University of Delhi.

We all know that Ankiv Baisoya has been removed from his post and a complaint has also been registered against him. ABVP was first to come out in support of a complete investigation of this case and suspended him from all the posts till the time inquiry is completed.

But, an important question is who is going to take the onus of such lapse in the University? Is the Vice-Chancellor going to fix responsibility and try to find a solution to these issues for future admissions and elections? These questions are pertinent and should be answered because if this is happening in University Departments, then certainly there may be unidentified cases in large number in other colleges too.

ABVP is working throughout the country for students so that quality and affordable education is provided to all the students. If seats in colleges and universities are going for sale, filled with fake certificates and degrees, then how can the equitable distribution of academic resources be ensured?

The government of India has already started National Academic Repository for trusted digital verifiable academic awards but the University of Delhi has till date not registered on NAD which speaks volumes about the administrative failures of the University.

The list of institutions/colleges/universities can be accessed here.

It’s high time all the stakeholders working for the education institutions come on the same page and try to remove all the fake documents in the system. Vice-Chancellor Professor Tyagi spoke on the importance of this issue in the recently held convocation but time has come to see action.

(The author is Vice President of ABVP Delhi)

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