Home News Reports 'Kya khoob thagti ho, 5 saal baad hi kyu Amethi dikhti ho?': Posters against Priyanka Gandhi emerge in Rahul Gandhi's constituency

‘Kya khoob thagti ho, 5 saal baad hi kyu Amethi dikhti ho?’: Posters against Priyanka Gandhi emerge in Rahul Gandhi’s constituency

Similar posters have emerged against the Congress President's sister as well. Last year in posters that emerged that Rae Baereli, Priyanka Gandhi was described as an 'emotional blackmailer'.

There has been a rebellion brewing in Amethi against the Nehru-Gandhi Parivar. Discontentment has been spreading fast and there have been reports of Rahul Gandhi looking for a safe seat elsewhere. Recently, a former Congress loyalist, Haroon Rashid, decided to contest against the party president from Amethi.

Now, it appears posters have surfaced against General Secretary in-charge of Uttar Pradesh East Priyanka Gandhi ahead of her 3-day visit to the street. Posters have emerged which call her a fraud and ask her to answer for the 60 years her party was in power in the country. It is, however, unclear who has put these posters up.

One of the posters say, “Kya khoob thagti ho, kyu 5 saal baad hi Amethi dikhti ho? 60 saalon ka jawaab do! (How beautifully you con, why do you appear in Amethi only once in 5 years? Answer for your 60 years!)”

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Source: DNA

Another poster that has emerged says, “You’ve made a lot of promises in May 2014, now after 5 years, with what plans you have come again to befool us again, answer for your 60 years.”

Source: DNA

Similar posters have emerged against the Congress President’s sister as well. Last year in posters that emerged that Rae Baereli, Priyanka Gandhi was described as an ’emotional blackmailer’.

Rahul Gandhi has been accused of negligence towards his constituency Amethi as a consequence of which he is facing tough competition from Smriti Irani this year. Once, during one particular interaction with school children in Amethi, some kids asked him had voiced their concerns to which the Congress President had shrugged off his responsibilities as an MP and asked them to question Prime Minister Modi instead.

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